The organising committee for the Ambient@40 conference are:

Prof. Monty Adkins is a composer, performer, and lecturer of experimental electronic music. He has created installations, concert and audio-visual works, and a number of collaborations with contemporary performers. Having read music at Pembroke College (Cambridge, England, UK) where he studied French mediaeval and Italian Renaissance music, Adkins then studied electronic music with Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham where he performed across Europe with the Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST), and Simon Waters at the University of East Anglia (Norwich, England, UK). He is currently Professor of Experimental Electronic Music at the University of Huddersfield (England, UK).

Dr. Simon Cummings is a composer, writer and researcher based in the Cotswolds, in south west England. He composes instrumental and electronic music, both of which focus upon gradual processes of transformation. His acoustic music involves highly intricate algorithmic processes rooted in carefully-defined behaviours, the music emerging from stochastic relationships in which these behaviours are juxtaposed and intermingle. His electronic music draws liberally on noise and pitched material, also incorporating elements of an ambient persuasion. Cummings is an accomplished writer about new music; he is the author of contemporary/avant-garde music blog 5:4 (begun in 2008), and is a contributor to numerous print and web journals.

Dr. Kristina Wolfe  is a composer, wanderer, electronic musician, maker, and multi-instrumentalist. She is of Danish and American heritage, and spent many of her formative years wandering through the forests listening to the sounds of space and place. This environment cultivated her imagination and creative focus on the spirits of the past, and has inspired her work and listening practices up to the present day.

Prof. Rupert Till studied composition with minimalist Gavin Bryars, Scratch Orchestra founder member Christopher Hobbs, sound artist Katharine Norman and George Nicholson. He has written film and TV music, music for dance, ambient techno and electronica compositions, and continues to be an active composer and performer, playing piano, keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion and singing, for example appearing at the Boom Festival in Portugal in 2016. Till is currently Associate Dean International in the School of Music, Humanities and Media at the University of Huddersfield (England, UK).