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Friday 23 February

09.30 Registration and introduction

Session 1: ambient as aesthetic

10.00 Victor SzaboAmbient Music’s American Roots: The New Age Technoculture and Music from the Hearts of Space, 1973–83
10.30 Richard Talbot – The Geography of Ambient Music
11.00 Ulf Holbrook – A question of background

11.30 Coffee

Session 2: ambient as influence

11.45 Justin MoreyAmbient House: ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ and the Sampler as Time Machine
12.15 Rupert TillKairos: stopping time with ambient dub

12.45 Lunch

Session 3: ambient as appropriation

14.00 Ambrose Field – Space in the ambience: is ambient music socially relevant?
14.30 Lisa Colton – Ambient @ 840: Channelling the Ecstasy of Hildegard von Bingen in Ambient House
15.00 Mark Harris – Music to die to a performance seminar on bad music about plane crashes

15.30 Tea

Session 4: ambient as process

15.45 Rob Mackay – Flight of the Monarchs
16.15 Winfried Ritsch – ex machina dei: machine music as ambient in large spaces
16.45 John-Robin Bold – Ambient Music and Form

17.15 End

Saturday 24 February

09.00 Registration and introduction

Session 5: ambient as strategy

09.30 Kristina Wolfe – Virtual Reality and Archaeoacoustic Analysis to Study and exhibit Presence
10.00 Tim Howle – Avoidance Strategies
10.30 Ángela Hoyos-Gómez and Juan Hernández  – Tambambient: sound mixtures in surf, dip and bit dilations

11.00 Coffee

Session 6: ambient as activity / artefact

11.15 Axel Berndt – Interactive Media Scoring with Ambient Music
11.45 Bartosz Szafranski – Structuring ambient through a video game adaptive audio system. Fmod , Unity, and Futurust
12.15 Neil O’Connor – Diffusing the Norm – Eno’s Music For Airports
12.45 Andrew Leslie Hooker – Nõ Music for Abandoned Airports

13.15 Lunch

14.30 Keynote: Prof. David Toop

15.30 Tea

15.45 Panel Discussion chaired by Dr Simon Cummings

16.45 End

19.30 Concert featuring Robert Mackay, Simon Cummings, Rupert Till, Kristina Wolfe, Szafranski duo, Tim Howle